Autonomous Zone - Katerina Antonaki

Katerina Antonaki studied Graphic Design in Greece, new media and printing techniques at University of Art and Design of Helsinki and holds an MA in Design – Critical Theory and Practice from Goldsmiths, University of London, funded by IKY and supported by many cups of coffee.

As co-owner and art director of a boutique design studio in Greece, she worked in several projects from pitch to completion in the public and private sector; in culture, non profit organizations also in editions and branding. She has taught in design institutions at Greece and was involved in the educational program of the Museum of Children’s Art in Athens. The last year is working as freelancer in selected projects.

Katerina is exploring the space that emerges. Based on spatial theories, philosophical analysis, sociological observations and visual research she is investigating the context of void. How does information exist, transform and/or vanish(?) Research interests include design methodologies and process, mapping, urban practice and communication and the role of spontaneity in design process. Purpose: to find potential links, motifs and interferences between graphic design and spatial terrain.


Ready Not

Abstract Citywalk


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